Netizens Notice Red Velvet Joy’s Hilarious Habit With Her Male Costars

Did you notice this?

Red Velvet‘s Joy always knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face with her loveable personality!

Red Velvet’s Joy | iMBC

In particular, there’s one funny thing she loves to do with her male costars that makes those around her erupt with laughter.

Putting their hands together to form a heart, Joy proudly stands in the middle of her two male costars.

Regardless of what series it is, the hilarious pose has become her trademark!

According to netizens, it’s all due to Joy being a pro-idol — and having a lovely and cute personality to boot!

  • “The idol vibe lol cute”
  • “Meanwhile, her smile is amazing, freaking pretty lol”
  • “Park Sooyoung the heart maker LOL”
  • “I always smile when I see Joy smile lol! She’s so pretty and lovely hahah”

You just can’t help but smile when you see her!

Source: Instiz

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