Red Velvet Joy’s Past Worries Regarding Wendy’s Health Resurface in Light of Recent Stage Accident

Joy cares about Wendy very much.

In light of Red Velvet Wendy‘s devastating stage accident at SBS Gayo Daejeon rehearsals, Joy‘s past comments worrying about Wendy’s well-being resurfaced online.

Wendy suffered injuries to her wrist, pelvis, and face as a result of the fall, and SM Entertainment announced that Wendy will be focusing on her recovery for the time being while the other members participate in their solo activities.

Meanwhile, past records of Joy taking care of Wendy’s health are coming back up to the surface.

During Wendy’s past Instagram live broadcast, Joy left comments such as “I love you, Wendy“, “I need you, Unnie”, “Be careful not to hurt your voice“, and “If you get hurt, I’ll be angry“.

Joy was seen expressing her love in other broadcasts as well with comments such as “I love Wendy” and “Wendy’s the best“.

And in an episode of Pajama Friends, Joy confessed just how much she loves her “unnie”, Wendy.

Among all of the members, I lean on Wendy the most. I tell her the most secrets.

– Joy

Here’s hoping Wendy makes a speedy recovery!


Source: Insight

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