Here’s Why Red Velvet’s Joy Always Hits Peak Visuals During The Year-End Season, As Told By Joy Herself

This is what she thinks!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is known for many things but if you’re not (yet) a fan, you’d still probably know about this legendary photo. As one of the many moments that coined the term “year-end Joy,” her visuals always seem to hit new peaks around the December season. Joy herself hedged a guess for the reason why.

While she’s gorgeous all year round, she guessed that the reason she looks the best in winter is due to her personal color. She shared the answer in an interview with Cosmopolitan. According to Joy, she’s a winter cool tone, which means she suits cool-toned shades the best. In terms of styling, this means she can pull off the wintry shades of deep red, cherry pink, purple, blue, and more!

For example, this purple satin…

…or this bright purple dress.

This icy blue is also on the list of best colors for winter cool tones.

So what colors may not bring out her beauty as much as winter shades do? Peachy, warm pinks like the shades below may be more suited to people with “spring warm” as their personal color.

Zesty yellows and oranges are said to be better suited for warm tones too.

This brown neutral vibe is also said to look best on an “autumn warm” tone like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. Jennie is known to be an “autumn deep warm.”

Joy claims that the wintery sparkles and deep reds suit her “winter cool” the most. But did you just see her rocking all the other shades? The star can still rock any shade at any time!

Check out her full interview below:

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