Red Velvet’s Joy “Scolds” NCT’s Doyoung For Not Knowing Her “Feel My Rhythm” Dance

They’re just like siblings.

Red Velvet recently uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their 2022 Dream Concert experience.

(From left to right) Red Velvet’s Yeri, Seulgi, Irene, Joy, and Wendy at the 2022 Dream Concert

The group earned praise for their amazing performance and fan service at the concert. They showed up and proved their mics were on while actively engaging with the audience.

In between songs, the group chatted with the audience, sharing they had been nervous backstage since it had been a while since they could meet fans in this way. Despite their nerves, they were happy to be reunited with fans, and the crowd’s loud cheers confirmed fans were delighted too.

During the performance of their latest single, “Feel My Rhythm,” Red Velvet seemed to receive the loudest applause as Joy sang her first line in the song accompanied by her iconic dance. The lyrics are, “Blow confetti, Let off more fireworks,” so fans have named the dance the “blow confetti” dance.

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Because of its popularity, Joy took the time to teach the audience the move herself, happily guiding them through the simple arm movements.

After their tutorial, the audience could be seen dancing along with Red Velvet on the jumbo screen behind them.

At the Dream Concert, one person didn’t seem to know Joy’s “blow confetti” dance, and it was none other than Red Velvet’s labelmate NCT‘s Doyoung.

The two have been friends since their days as SM Entertainment trainees and recorded a special holiday stage together on Inkigayo in 2016, where they performed a duet called “First Christmas.”

Red Velvet’s Joy and NCT’s Doyoung in 2016

After their 2016 duet, fans said they seemed as close as siblings.

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Their sibling energy continued at the Dream Concert when Joy and Doyoung ran into each other backstage. As soon as Joy realized he was the event’s MC, she playfully tapped his arm and told him he had “made it.”

Doyoung briefly sat with Joy while she filmed for Red Velvet’s vlog, which she soon regretted when she asked Doyoung what he thought about her new haircut.

Instead of complimenting her new look, he awkwardly looked away before muttering that her hair looked “okay,” much like a brother would.

To add insult to injury, when Joy asked him to perform the “blow confetti” dance, he said he didn’t know how.

Joy told him she was disappointed while hilariously reminding him they were supposed to be friends.

Off-screen, Wendy called Joy out by asking if she knew any of Doyoung’s choreography, to which she hesitantly replied with an unconvincing, “yes.” Despite her not knowing his choreography, Doyoung performed the “blow confetti” dance with Joy.

Before Doyoung left, Joy had a final request for the NCT member. She asked if Doyoung would perform the dance as he hosted the concert, to which Doyoung quickly said no.

Joy adorably pleaded with him, but Doyoung refused to change his mind.

Despite his rejection, Joy sent him off cheerfully and told him he was welcome back anytime, proving their true friendship.

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