This Red Velvet Member’s Volunteer Work Will Fill Your Heart With “Joy”

She has a heart of gold.

Red Velvet‘s Joy has proven, once again, that she truly is an angel in disguise.


On September 30, this humble, dog-loving star spent her free time volunteering at a dog shelter with a friend.


Before her entry into the K-pop industry, Joy originally planned to be a dog trainer, so it’s no surprise that she has a special place in her heart for these abandoned pups.


According to the original reundori_ Instagram post, the dogs at this adoption center came from less than desirable circumstances, but they will hopefully be adopted into loving homes soon.


While at the shelter, Joy and her friend spent time with the dogs by…


…feeding them…


…cleaning up after them…


…and showing them all the kindness they deserve to know.


Fans are now praising Joy for using her limited time off to help animals in need.


To see more of Joy’s heartwarming volunteer work, check out the clip here.

Source: Instiz

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