Red Velvet’s Joy Wasn’t Confident In Her Dancing Abilities As A Trainee, But She’s A Certified Dancing Queen Now

It’s great to see how confident she’s become!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is now widely recognized as a multi-talented K-Pop idol, but she used to worry that her dance skills were lacking!

Red Velvet’s Joy | @picsofsooyoung/Twitter

Joy recently appeared on comedian Park Myung Soo‘s Youtube channel to discuss her remake album, Hello.

| 할명수/YouTube

The two rode together in Park Myung Soo’s car and headed to a park for a “car picnic.”

On the ride over, Joy and Park Myung Soo chatted about music, and Joy told the comedian that she sang during her audition for SM Entertainment.

“I auditioned through singing!” | 할명수/YouTube

Joy also revealed that she was better at singing than dancing at the time of her audition.

“I struggled with dancing when I started in my company,” she shared.

Even though she wasn’t confident in her dancing abilities back then, Joy has grown so much and has become a great dancer!

During the car picnic, Joy taught Park Myung Soo the segment of Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” choreography that went viral on TikTok. Even though she was just having fun on a picnic, she perfectly executed every move!

Of course, anyone who’s seen one of Joy’s viral fancams knows just how great of a dancer she is!

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| Mera/YouTube
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It’s great to see how confident Joy has become!

See her full car picnic with Park Myung Soo below.


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