Lee Soo Man Texted Red Velvet the Sweetest Message at the Break of Dawn

Lee Soo Man is meticulous but caring.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri recently shared a text message the members received from SM Entertainment‘s Lee Soo Man at the break of dawn.


She posted a screenshot of the long message they received and expressed how touched she was in an added caption.

After doing our live, I saw a touching text message from our producer, Lee Soo Man. At the end, he even cheered on Red Velvet, so I feel motivated and full of energy at the break of dawn.

– Yeri



The message from Lee Soo Man reads as follows:

I made a lot of the sounds of the Psycho album sound different to suit the broadcast. (I made it so that the sound works without earphones as well)

I hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.

Isn’t the base that I added with Director Yoo all night long fun?

I felt like we had to make that before giving you the sounce source, so at around 11 o’clock at night, I started making that gliding base while talking to Director Yoo over the phone. He worked very hard.

I thought we could do it in no time, but it took longer than expected. So I pulled an all-nighter. We spoke on the phone until 5:30 in the morning…

– Lee Soo Man

As soon as this text message was revealed, fans commended Lee Soo Man’s caring nature with comments such as “He’s very detailed“, “I felt like something was different about the song“, and “That’s impressive“.


Source: Dispatch

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