Red Velvet’s Seulgi Had The Greatest Comeback To Someone Comparing Her Hair To Corn

If that’s corn, it’s the best looking stuff we’ve seen!

It hasn’t been all that long since Red Velvet‘s Seulgi dyed her hair blonde. Yet it looks like this might be one of her most iconic looks to date!


First, her hair color made her go viral…


For it’s statically charged cuteness that inspired fans to give her the nickname “Dandelion Spores!”


And now her hair has been compared to something a little tastier. During an episode of the group’s Level Up! Project, one of their viewers decided to let everyone know what Seulgi’s hair reminded them of.

“Seulgi noona’s hair looks like corn.”

— Yeri, reading the comments


While most people wouldn’t think having your hair compared to corn would be a good thing, Seulgi seemed completely unbothered and even thanked the commenter!

“Thank you!”

— Seulgi


While the other members were already laughing over the comparison, Seulgi decided that she needed to add a touch of her humor to the situation as well.

“Want me to make some corn silk tea? All I have to do is soak my hair…”

— Seulgi


Fans are having a hard time unseeing the comparison but are absolutely loving her response!


Then again Seulgi is the undisputed corn queen!


And as corny as it may sound, the style looks absolutely fabulous on her whether you think it reminds you of the veggie or not!

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