Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Somi Both Rocked This Item, Now The Internet Wants To Know Where It’s From

It’s a skirt, it’s a top, it’s the hottest item in K-Pop!

Since Red Velvet‘s showcase for “Zimzalabim”, where Seulgi showed up in this fringe skirt and received mixed reviews for it, another fashioni-star Somi decided to give the style a try – but this time, as an attention-grabbing top. With two of the trendiest K-Pop idols rocking it, the internet is now curious to know more about this item!


For Seulgi, she decided to wear this particular item as a skirt, over a pair of some funky fun leggings. In fact, she first showed off the style at the photoshoot for the “Zimzalabim” promos.


During her performance at the new album showcase held on June 19, 2019, Seulgi shook the fringes on the skirt as she danced wildly to the music too – grabbing the audience’s attention. While some of her fans weren’t too fond of the styling, Seulgi did her best at making the outfit work for her!


Then on M Countdown on June 20, 2019, Somi appeared in the same gear – styled as a top, over a simple white tracksuit. She posed for the press in her all-white outfit and the fans couldn’t help but notice the fringes!


Somi also rocked the look during her performance of “BIRTHDAY” on the stage. The fringes added a lot of visual fun to Somi twirling around to her brand new bop. While her fans believe more shape-revealing outfits look better on Somi, they thought Somi managed to look good in this outfit.


With Seulgi then Somi both flaunting the item, the internet grew extremely curious about where it’s from. Keen eyed fashion gurus have discovered it to be actually a sleeveless top – called “Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Women’s Red X Andy Warhol Foundation Stephen Sprouse Fringe Print Sleeveless Top”, now priced around $600 USD.


Netizens continue to remain divided about their opinions on this sleeveless top design. Regardless, both Seulgi and Somi looked awesome in the fringes!

Source: THEQOO