Red Velvet’s Wendy Is A True Angel As She Showers Seulgi With Love And Support During Her “28 Reasons” Promotions

Even in the early hours of the morning, Wendy makes time for Seulgi.

Red Velvet share a family-like bond, and the girls are always showing their support for each other, going out of their way to encourage and cheer each other on. During Seulgi‘s solo promotions for 28 ReasonsWendy proved that despite her own busy schedule, she’d sacrifice her sleep and time to be a source of strength for Seulgi.

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Wendy even brought Seulgi her favorite scones; while it’s a small action, it means the world to Seulgi.

Wendy came early enough to see Seulgi’s rehearsal of “28 Reasons” before visiting her in the waiting room, and since she also went out of her way to buy scones, that means she woke up extremely early to show her support. Knowing all this, Seulgi couldn’t help but be deeply touched by Wendy’s actions.

Seulgi has constantly expressed her thanks to the members for their constant support for her solo, and she left a super long message for Wendy’s signed copy of 28 Reasons.

Wendy couldn’t stop praising Seulgi throughout the video, and the pride in her voice proves how much she cherishes Seulgi.

This is Seulgi, who’s here to crush K-Pop. She made her solo debut and she crushed it already.

— Wendy

It’s not a stretch to say that Seulgi could give her 200% on stage because she knew that Wendy was her source of encouragement, and their warm embrace has us all gushing over their friendship.

A staff member was saying that Seulgi’s performance was the best ever. So I told her it’s because I am here.

— Wendy

Seulgi and Wendy’s relationship is super sweet, and as always, we can’t wait to see what other adorable interactions await.

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