Red Velvet Thanks Each Other And Their Fans For Their Sixth Anniversary Since Debut

Congrats to the girls!

August 1 is a special day for Red Velvet and their fans as it marks the day they debuted six years ago.

The group debuted under SM Entertainment on August 1, 2014 with their single Happiness. The members each posted a heartfelt message through Instagram thanking each other and their fans for the past six years. Let’s take a look at their heartfelt messages they left for one another!

Irene posted a video with the message that read, “Happy 6 years to Red Velvet. Thanks to all our Luvies!”

Joy also posted a video revealing behind-the-scenes footage from “Umpah Umpah along with the hashtag #6YearsWithRedVelvet and tagged the rest of the members’ Instagram handles.

Joy wrote, “Luvies, August 1 is a special day for us! Thanks to all our fans that have trusted and supported us the most. I hope all our Luvies have a great day today. I love you. Thank you for always inspiring me to do my best. I love you all.”

Joy also reposted Seulgi‘s Instagram story and commented, “Seems like today is a day we are reminded of ‘Umpah Umpah’!”

Seulgi posted a celebratory message on Instagram that read, “Red Velvet’s six year anniversary. Thank you Luvies!” 

Yeri reposted both Joy and Seulgi’s posts and commented, “Love” and “ReVeluv, Red Velvet.”

Wendy, who has been recovering from a hip fracture in 2019, had the chance give an update of how she’s been doing through a “Star Chatting” event back in April and thanked fans for their never-ending support and love.

Congratulations to Red Velvet for an amazing six years and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us in the future!

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