Red Velvet Were Caught Red-Handed Taking TWICE’s Trophy

The moment has successfully stolen everyone’s heart

A few days ago, Red Velvet attended the Korea Popular Music Awards (KPMA) and took home two awards. But if they weren’t caught red-handed they might have taken home a third!


After the girl group wowed the crowd with their performance…


They took to the stage to accept their Bonsang award.


After Irene, Seulgi, and Yeri gave their speeches, the group bowed and turned to leave forgetting something along the way!


A few steps later, and they suddenly realized that they were missing their award and dashed back to the podium.


Although Irene was the first to snag the award and turned to leave, she wasn’t the only member to have grabbed onto a trophy! The fast-fingered maknae had also grabbed one of the awards. One that was going to be handed out to TWICE!


Thankfully, Seulgi had Yeri’s back and quickly remedied the situation…


Before they made their quick getaway!


Although the mix-up was certainly embarrassing to the girls, fans can’t stop laughing at the hilarity of the whole situation.


They’ve even given the group their own award, “Best Comedy Act”!


Although the moment might have made fans laugh, Seulgi made sure that something embarrassing like that didn’t happen again when the group won the “Best Group Dance” award!


Congratulations once again Red Velvet for winning a Bonsang and “Best Group Dance” award.

Red Velvet