Red Velvet’s Wendy Spotted Taking Care of Cameraman on Set Like the Motherly Figure She Is

Wendy was worried about the cameramen the whole time.

SM C&C Studio recently shared a video titled, “If You Need Some Healing, Come to Wendy and Irene” which showed the Red Velvet members filming in the middle of scorching heat.

But what fans didn’t expect to see was that there was an angel among them.

And her name is Wendy.

She couldn’t help but notice and cameramen who were tired and hot from filming on the very warm day.

As soon as she noticed them dripping in sweat, she unleashed the motherly side to her and handed them wet wipes herself.

Earlier in the day, she even worried,

The cameramen are working so hard today.

– Wendy

In addition to providing wet wipes, Wendy explained,

If you wipe with this, the area will feel cold. So please wipe and then keep it on your neck.

– Wendy

After seeing the angel herself in action, fans are responding with comments such as “She’s not known as an angel for no reason“, and “Even her personality is perfect“.

Check out Wendy’s touching gesture in the clip below:

Source: Insight

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