Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals The Fan Gift That Rarely Leaves Her Side

There are two reasons why she cherishes it.

During Red Velvet‘s Wendy‘s visit to Marie Claire Korea‘s studio, she bared the contents of her handbag to reveal the significance behind her most-used items. In the process, she revealed a fan gift that she often carries around.

After showing off her Bluetooth earphones, Wendy pulled out a white tumbler with the design of a snowman on its front. She said, “To protect the environment, I try to put something to drink in this tumbler.” The tumbler hadn’t been one she purchased herself.

Sporting a sweet smile, she then shared its origin. Wendy added, “Isn’t it cute? A fan gave it to me for a gift.

Not only did Wendy deeply appreciate the fans’ gift, but she also used it in a way to benefit the environment.

See Wendy be earth-conscious thanks to a thoughtful fan.

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