Red Velvet’s Wendy And Joy Didn’t Always Have A Close Bond, Or See Eye To Eye

They have a great friendship now but that wasn’t always the case.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Joy have one of the sweetest friendships around and ReVeluvs love how close the two are. Yet, they didn’t always have an incredibly strong bond.


A few weeks back Wendy joined the rest of the Pajama Friends team for some fun and relaxation. After seeing the strong bond between the two Red Velvet members, the other ladies were curious as to how the two became so close.


Joy revealed that she fell in love with Wendy because she was a pillar of support and became someone that she could rely on.


While fans were in awe of the sweet confession, they were suddenly struck by Joy’s admission that the two of them weren’t close at all as trainees.


The two had had a lot of misunderstanding because they were two very different people. While Joy used to prefer being alone, Wendy was always very worried about the people around her.


And because of Wendy’s incredibly caring nature, she used to ask Joy a lot of questions about how she was doing.


At first, the questions really bothered Joy but after talking with her unnie, the two began to understand each other a little bit better.


And because of this heart-to-heart, the two learned how to be more open with each other.


Now they have one of the sweetest friendships around!

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