Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals Why Phone Calls Make Her Nervous

A lot of people can relate to this!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy sat down with Marie Claire where she showed off her top ten favorite items as well as answer several questions! One intriguing question asked Wendy if she liked “Phone calls or texting?” better.

Most people have a preferred way of communicating with others. Whether it’s phone calls, video calling, or texting, some people are just more comfortable with one method over the other.

For Wendy, she expressed that she prefers texting over calling: “I prefer texting.

Wendy then went into detail as to why she rather text than call people and it’s pretty relatable!

I prefer texting. Because phone calls are, I don’t know why but, I’m sure there are some people like me. When I get a phone call, I feel nervous even though I’ve done nothing wrong. You know what this feels like?

— Wendy

Following her explanation, Wendy shared that many may find her reasoning odd as some people may not have the same feeling towards phone calls, but ultimately, they’re just nerve-wracking for her: “Some of you might not understand but I’ve got nervous.

Do you also feel the same way about phone calls as Wendy?

| Marie Claire

Check out the video below:

Red Velvet