Red Velvet’s Wendy Changed Schools Often When Studying Abroad

She moved to different schools every two to three years.

Wendy of Red Velvet recently shared that her time spent studying abroad was characterized by a lot of movement, as she transferred every two to three years.

The singer, who appears as an MC on Mysterious Record Shop, was prompted to share her story on a recent episode featuring a playlist cheering on school-going children.

She mentioned that she went to Canada and studied in the countryside at first, but struggled with her studies. She then transferred to the city, but didn’t study at all and ended up receiving very low grades. Ultimately, she was sent by her parents to study with her older sister in America.

Her story doesn’t end there, as her sister eventually graduated, and Wendy’s parents thought that she wouldn’t study without her sister being present.

They then immigrated to Canada and Wendy changed schools once again. She confessed that even her personality changed as a result.

I used to be really outgoing, but my personality gradually became more introverted as I changed schools many times.

– Wendy

It’s great to see that Wendy’s natural personality shines through these days.

Source: Newsen

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