Red Velvet’s Wendy Shares Reason Behind Short Promotional Period For Her Solo

The most understanding girl ever.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy recently released her solo debut, Like Water. The beautiful track and album was the highlight of the year for many of her fans. From the gorgeous music video to the flawless B-side tracks, Wendy went above and beyond. However, fans were disappointed to find out that she would only be promoting for a week.

During a video call fansign, a lucky fan got to talk with Wendy herself. Wendy explained the reason behind the short promotional period.

  • Fan: “Unnie, is Music Core going to be the last?”
  • Wendy: “Yes, it is.”
  • Fan: “No, but if you’re a rookie (as a solo), why is it just a week?”
  • Wendy: “It’s precisely because I’m a rookie.”

Wendy continued to explain that there were many other teams going to release new things from their company, hence her short promotional period.

And, there are many teams to be coming out from our company, and of course, I also have to hurry and return so I can prepare with my group. There is lots to do! It’ll be out someday~

— Wendy

Although we are sad to see the soloist Wendy go, we can’t wait to see her as part of Red Velvet again! It seems like the company is also preparing for many other artists to release their music. In the meantime, we’ll be having “Like Water” on repeat.

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