Red Velvet’s Makeup Artist Explains Just How Flawless Wendy’s Skin Actually Is

She was born with it.

On March 19, The QUEEN TV Youtube channel uploaded a video of Red Velvet Wendy’s makeup artist giving a tutorial on how to do her Psycho makeup. Throughout the tutorial, the makeup artist reveals Wendy’s skin type and how she was truly born with great skin.

In terms of applying foundation, she revealed that Wendy only needs a light layer and doesn’t need to apply anything thick.

She adds that Wendy’s skin is so nice that it really doesn’t need much at all.

In terms of what tone Wendy’s skin is, she is a warm tone, in comparison to Irene who is a cool tone.

For foundation, she usually uses the brightest shade possible.

They admit that they are really jealous of her skin because it is so white and doesn’t have any pores either.

Her skin is so naturally flawless that she doesn’t really need to use concealer either.

The only time she may use a bit of concealer is for some dark circles she may have beneath her eyes.

The other stylists asks, “Her skin must be really amazing,” in which she answers, “Yes her skin is really great.”

They believe that Wendy is just born with great skin.

The pigmentation of her face can only be through good genes.

She expresses Wendy’s skin as a smooth egg that doesn’t need much for it to shine bright.

Watch the full makeup tutorial below!

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