Red Velvet’s Yeri Makes A Promise To Fans To Visit Her Own Birthday Cafe In 2021 Too

Yeri best girl.

No one’s doing it like Red Velvet‘s Yeri! Not only did Yeri come onto Lysn, an online fam community, to talk to fans, she also made the sweetest promise to a lucky few. Fans were clamouring for Yeri to make an appearance at a birthday cafe.

Previously, Yeri had visited a few birthday fan cafes and even signed some cups for fans.

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The sweet girl visited more than one cafe, on different occasions.

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She even brought along TWICE‘s Nayeon as they were out for a day together. Nayeon politely waited outside the cafe for Yeri to be done with her business.

For those confused as to what a birthday cafe is, fans often decorate cafes (after agreement with the cafe owners of course) with their idols’ goods and posters, as well as print cup holders and other goods to encourage other fans to visit the cafe. It makes for a roaring good time, except the idols themselves mostly aren’t present. Some idols have been known to make appearances by surprise, and it seems Yeri is one of them.

A fan asked, if she would be coming down this year too, and Yeri asked for the details. The fan quickly uploaded, “The birthday cafe will be at Super Coffee, the Apgujeong Rodeo branch!

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After Yeri asked about the time and day, the fan put up a photo with all the details on it. Yeri then cutely left a comment to say she had saved it.

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Yeri’s fans are just the most blessed people ever!

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