Red Velvet’s Yeri Gets Adorably Excited Next To Actress Kang Han Na

Unnie collector for the win!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is known for her wide connections, being friends with almost everyone in the industry. It seems that she had newly added another unnie to her collection. During an appearance on a radio show, she adorably got all excited next to actress Kang Han Na.

As the show wrapped up, Yeri stood to take a photo with Kang Han Na and her co-star for Blue Birthday, PENTAGON‘s Hongseok. She immediately offered the middle position to Kang Han Na, who adorably refused.

Not only that, she linked her arms with the beautiful actress while jumping about in excitement. Don’t worry Hongseok, you have us.

The final product? The best duo ever! The amount of beauty exuding from this photograph is insane.

Looks like Yeri truly is an unnie collector. Kang Han Na recently starred in Roommates with a Gumiho while Yeri will be starring in her first lead role for web drama Blue Birthday.

Source: pann

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