Red Velvet’s Yeri Opens Up About How Her Fans Became Friends Who Brought Her Strength

Yeri opens her heart.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri recently had a fun and elegant shoot while she was in London for Marie Claire.

During her interview for the magazine Yeri was asked if there was something she wanted to tell her fans, but wasn’t able to. And she responded with a short touching and inspiring message telling fans, to which she addressed them as friends, that she realized that everyone needs a break and that she hopes her fans can also put their mind to rest. She also thanked fans for supporting Red Velvet despite living an already busy life.

To my friends that I love, I am having a vacation somewhere for a time. Before I go back to Korea, I will be travelling to London, Paris, and Barcelona. I am resting well, and I feel that my mind is at ease. I am trying to draw a line between my working self, and my usual self. I have come to realize that everyone needs a break. I hope that everyone can find a place where you can put your mind to rest. Thank you for always supporting Red Velvet amidst your busy life.

She was also asked why she calls her fans, “friends,” which was thought of as impressive by the interviewer. She opens up and says that she receives a lot of energy from her fans, and that fans have become like good friends after years of meeting each other.

I receive a lot of energy from my fans. Fans are like good friends. When you meet them when you are down, you get energy, and you become happy. They always give me a strong and comfortable feeling. I think it’s because we’ve been with each other for a long time. Every time I meet them during filming, I feel like I am meeting my friends.

After years of being together, Reveluvs continue to mean more to Red Velvet everyday to the point where they can even call them, “friends.” Reveluvs surely brought a lot of strength to Yeri as much as she has for them.


Source: Twitter

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