Red Velvet’s Yeri Has A Firm Opinion About The “Milk Before Or After Cereal” Debate

Yeri doesn’t think this is much of a debate!

One topic that gets a lot of divided opinions is the debate of whether milk or cereal goes in the bowl first. However, when it comes to this debate, Red Velvet‘s Yeri has a firm opinion.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

In a recent interview with Allure Korea, Yeri got asked various questions from fans, one of which was, “What do you pour first? Cereal or milk?

Yeri was firm with her opinion, as she said that she always puts in the cereal first.

Yeri then admitted that she does like soggy food, but when it comes to cereal, it seems that she has a different opinion. Yeri even said that it’s “illegal” to not put in the cereal first!

Here’s the full video below!

Red Velvet

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