Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals How Songwriting Helped Her With Self Love

“I always want to see myself properly.”

Red Velvet‘s adorable maknae Yeri is talented in several areas such as singing, dancing, acting, and also songwriting! In her interview with Arena Homme Plus, Yeri shared her inspiration for songwriting as well as its process! Yeri also revealed how writing lyrics helped her better understand and love herself!

In her interview, Yeri shared the meaning behind her beautiful lyrics in “Dear Diary,” her first self-composed solo project!

Q: You’re good at writing lyrics. I like the lyrics of your self-written song, ’Dear Diary. ’it has the vague meaning of, ‘I know that I’m like when you have lots do draw, but you don’t have enough paint to draw it all.’

It means to draw, but it also means to hope. There are many things I hope for myself, but I’m aware that I’m not big enough to be that way. I learned quickly because I entered the society early that I can’t always live the way I want.

— Yeri

Yeri’s songwriting process was brought up again once the interviewer asked what was the most recent memo she recently jotted down.

Q: Can you tell me a quote you recently wrote in the memo app?

It was written while imagining. ‘Actually, I just wanted to have a happy family. Maybe my low self-esteem was what caused it all? That can’t be denied. Still, I think the world is too harsh for everything to be my fault. Tears keep flowing. When I run down the road, I want to throw my body at those sparkling things. So that I can return to one body with them.’

— Yeri

Shocked at how touching the memo was, the interviewer commented that it was like a “Theater monologue.

Q: I’m surprised. It’s beautiful. It’s like a theater monologue.

(Laughs) These are other creative materials that I am writing. I write it down like this and take it out when writing lyrics. That’s how it becomes a song.

— Yeri

As to where else she gets her inspiration from, Yeri revealed how she gets much of her inspiration from traveling! The things she sees and hears all help her create beautiful music!

Since I have a lot of time to travel by car, I see a lot of scenery while traveling. I also listen to the radio a lot. When I hear the stories of various people and the stories of their lives, stories often come to mind.

— Yeri

Yeri then expressed her love for people is what helps her come up with such warm lyrics.

Q: I can feel overall warmth from your lyrics.

I like people. I’m the type to open up completely once I grow attached… but I also treat people I don’t know that well comfortably with my heart wide open. Even if I don’t actually trust them completely yet. You know kids that are complicated but look chill on the outside? I’m that annoying person (laughs). I look like an extrovert, but I’m actually a total INFP.

— Yeri

Yeri then concluded how songwriting, especially writing “Dear Diary,” helped her gain more self-love!

Q: Do you love yourself?

Yes. I like myself now. By the time I wrote ‘Dear Diary,’ I thought I was an unknown friend. But I got to know a little while writing that song. I always want to see myself properly.

— Yeri

Source: Arena Homme Plus

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