Turns Out Red Velvet’s Irene Just Can’t Take A Bad Picture

It’s seriously impossible!

Red Velvet‘s Irene has become known in South Korea for being terrible at taking selfies.


Despite her bad picture taking abilities, her pictures always come out great and show off her flawless beauty.


Which may be why netizens have been loving all of her selfies!


It doesn’t seem to matter what pose she’s doing…


Or what awkward angle she holds the camera.


Her photos always turn out stunning!


She even makes a trip to the hair salon look good!


After you see her pictures you may be wondering why South Korean netizens have been saying her selfie game is bad.


Well, it might be because Irene normally takes selfies a little differently than anyone else.


Instead of posing herself in different angles to show off her “good” side, Irene takes her selfies straight on.


Probably because every side is her good side!


Irene’s ability to take a straight on selfie is not something that everyone can do.


For most people the straight on angle makes them feel self-conscious which shows in the photo.


But Irene always looks so comfortable and so in tune with her beauty that you just can’t help but admire her.


With her amazing abilities, netizens have jokingly claimed that she’s terrible at taking selfies!


They always mean it in the best way possible way since she’s just too gorgeous!


And some netizens have even said that she would probably look good making a derp face.


They just can’t get over how spectacular she always ends up looking in the pictures.


So it really doesn’t matter how “bad” Irene is at taking the photos, she always comes out looking like the goddess she is and everyone knows it!

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