Red Velvet’s Irene Literally Gifted Bean Sprouts As A Secret Santa Present And Fans Are Losing It

Just Irene being the comedy queen she is:

Holiday gift swaps are always interesting. While you never know what you’re going to get at these gift exchanges, Red Velvet‘s Irene took her Secret Santa skills to a whole other level with her very unique and…err…fresh pick!


Photographer Lee Young Hak recently revealed that he had received a 마니또 (“ma-ni-to,” similar to Secret Santa) gift from Irene this year. And it was a very special gift at that!

A year-end gift from Irene ~~ ㅠㅠ

— Lee Young Hak


AirPods…no wait…bean sprouts? Yep, Irene seriously packaged up two of the sprouts, stuck them in the AirPods case, and hilariously sent them to the photographer as a gag gift!

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아이린이 준 연말 마니또 선물~~ ㅠㅠ

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Her unique gift has been delighting fans who can’t help but imagine Irene’s reaction as she gifted that particular item to her photographer friend.


Only Irene would come up with such a hilarious prank for the holidays!

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