Red Velvet’s Irene Was No Match For Joy’s Sexy Dancing In This “Zimzalabim” Behind The Scenes Clip

No one is immune to Joy’s charms.

Red Velvet‘s Joy seemed to have a great time making her fellow member Irene uncomfortable during the filming of “Zimzalabim”. During the elevator dancing scene, the girls are supposed to be dancing sexily, so Joy immediately latches onto Irene and begins body rolling.

Irene screams almost just as immediately and asks Joy “why are you like this?”

Irene making a scene over Joy’s dancing just encouraged Joy to dance even sexier on Irene, resulting in a playful hit on the arm.

In the music video the scene was glamorous as ever, with not even a hint of chaos.

The girls spent long hours filming for this music video, so it’s good to see that they were able to goof around and enjoy themselves while doing so. Watch the entire behind the scenes below:

Red Velvet