Red Velvet’s Irene is obsessed with visiting member Wendy’s house in Canada

Red Velvet‘s Irene is on a mission to visit fellow group member Wendy‘s family home back in Canada.

During three separate interviews, Irene made it very clear that the one place she wanted to visit if given the chance is Wendy’s house in Canada.

The first incident was during an interview with Chinese news outlet Sohu in 2015, where Irene chose the Wendy’s house as her dream destination for a trip with her fellow members..

A year later, Irene again expressed her desire to take a trip to Canada on an episode of SBS Jang Ye Won’s “A Night Like Tonight (Live Concert)”. Upon hearing Irene’s answer, Wendy couldn’t help but cringe at Irene’s silly obsession.

When asked where she thought group member Joy would want to go on her day off, Irene didn’t hesitate to answer with Wendy’s house, believing that they shared the same belief. But when it was revealed that she was incorrect, Irene scoffed in disbelief, prompting the group’s maknae Yeri to let out a small laugh at Irene’s reaction.

Irene doesn’t want anyone to forget where her dream destination is.

Hopefully, Irene will be able to achieve her dream of visiting Wendy’s home seeing as she’s wanted to go for so long!