Red Velvet’s Personality Analyzed Based on their Handwriting

Peer into the souls of Red Velvet through a fun analysis of their signatures!

1. Irene

Irene‘s straight and fixed handwriting style says that she values discipline and morality. Her spacing also says she’s quiet and strict.

2. Seulgi

Seulgi‘s handwriting slants upwards to the right, which shows an optimistic personality. Her narrow spacing means she’s self-conscious, introspective, and highly knowledgeable.

3. Joy

Joy‘s round letters say she’s cheerful, yet peaceful, in nature. Her wide letter spacing shows that she’s generous and extroverted, while her large line spacing says she’s thoughtful and considerate.

4. Yeri

Yeri‘s quick handwriting says she’s active and improvisational. The inconsistent writing also shows her unpredictable side that’s free and creative.

5. Wendy

Wendy… Well, she’s a big talker!

Source: Instiz