Red Velvet’s Seulgi And Joy Can Now Be Heard On Line 2 Of Korea’s Subway Station

Their voices can make anyone’s day!

Red Velvet fans have begun to notice members’ voices being heard on subway trains in Korea regarding safety.

Those that heard the public service announcements figured out that Seulgi‘s voice was heard on the inner circle line and Joy‘s voice was heard on the outer circle line for the Seoul Subway Line 2.

They recorded various public safety announcements with their bright and cheery voices. Joy could be heard making an announcement about expectant mothers.

“There are seats with a pink sign on them for expectant mothers. Please give up your seat to help expectant mothers have a comfortable experience on the train. Thank you.”

“The subway is a public place that is used by many people so please use earphones and talk in a soft voice to make short phone calls. Thank you.”

“Please don’t try to push yourself on when the train doors are closing. It is dangerous to grab or lean against the doors so please be careful. Please also be careful of items getting stuck between the doors as it could cause problems for the trains.”

Fans who heard the subway announcements enjoyed listening to their beautiful voices on their way to work.

If you ever have a chance to visit Korea, make sure to ride Line 2 to listen to their angelic voices!

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