Red Velvet’s True Personalities Are Different From What Fans First Thought

Red Velvet‘s initial appearances were not what they seemed, and fans have taken notice of the changes in the girl group’s personalities since debut.

The girl groups sugar-sweet debut had audiences captivated – but their initial dispositions were not what they seemed! Fans online have recently been buzzing about the group’s initial impressions toward fans and how they have compared to their actual personalities that shine through today.

Here is how fans say their first impression has changed from reality!


Fans initially thought Irene was like a young maiden due to her innocent appearance.

She was like an angel for the fans.

They were shocked to find she is actually “an extremely angry crow-tit”.  People who don’t know her are intimidated by her!

She will stand up to anyone.


Initial thoughts about Wendy were that she portrayed a sad puppy nature.

Wendy’s large eyes and soft smile made her look like a puppy dog!

In fact, she is an optimistic and light-hearted angel!

Wendy’s smile is infectious!


She was thought at first to be very centered and powerful, even a “storm of swag”.

Seulgi had a calm and collected appearance.

In reality, Seugli is sweet and soft like a polar bear and has an incredible love of Pringles!

Isn’t she precious?


Fans were overwhelmed at first by how beautiful Joy was as she appeared to be a stunning visual type.

She always looks fierce onstage.

Instead, fans quickly learned that Joy is indeed full of Joy. She’s funny and energetic all the time!

Joy’s bright attitude and infectious smile are a permanent part of her features.


Yeri initially appeared to be a very young, pretty face.

She was all smiles and sweet laughter!

But when fans got to know her they found her fierce side and love for the rest of Red Velvet!

Yeri has become a mature young woman who looks up to and respects her group members.

Red Velvet’s real personalities have shone through during recent activities!

Source: Insitz