Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals Whether She Prefers Bad Boys Or Good Boys

The other members couldn’t hide their surprise!

Red Velvet is currently in Indonesia, where they performed live on April 27.

The girls sat down with Prambors Radio for a quick interview.

During the interview, the host shocked the girls by revealing that he actually spoke a bit of Korean.

The girls were shocked as the host went through a list of Korean phrases, such as “bibimbap”, and “jjang”.

The host went on to express his love for Red Velvet’s latest single, “Really Bad Boy”.

The hosts asked the girls the million dollar question–which do they prefer, bad boys or good boys?

The girls were hesitant to answer, but Wendy shocked everyone in the room by answering the question bluntly!

I like both! He can be a bad boy to other girls but he can be a good boy to me right!

— Wendy

You can watch the full interview below. Wendy’s hilarious answer happens around 1:50 of the video.

Source: Picture Credits - Twitter

Red Velvet

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