Red Velvet’s Yeri Allegedly Received Less Screentime On Law Of The Jungle Due To Her Closeness With iKON’s B.I

SBS made sure to cut down their scenes tremendously.

Amidst former iKON member B.I‘s drug scandal, SBS has decided to edit him out of  Law of the Jungle, on which he was a participant alongside Red Velvet‘s Yeri. The first episode aired on June 15, and viewers definitely noticed he had been edited out quite significantly.

Producers editing him out affected Yeri as well since the two spent a significant amount of time together. When he and Yeri were looking for food, B.I’s shoulder can be seen in almost every shot.

Another bittersweet scene for Reveluv and iKONIC was how B.I thoughtfully gave Yeri his jacket after she was doused by a huge wave and left soaking wet.

Had SBS decided to leave B.I’s scenes intact, this no doubt would’ve been a touching moment that fans would’ve loved to see.

Netizens are reporting that not only was B.I cut out of Yeri’s scenes, but Yeri’s scenes themselves were cut down because they included B.I.

It’s unfortunate that B.I was edited out so harshly, but even more unfortunate that his being edited out has now affected Yeri. Fans of both, however, are banding together and hopeful that someday they might get to glimpse the full, un-edited version of the show with B.I’s scenes left intact.

B.I's Drug Scandal