Red Velvet’s Wendy Showed up in L.A. Looking like a Big Box of Chocolates

This must have been Wendy’s way of saying, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!’

On February 7, Red Velvet was in L.A. for the “Red Velvet Second Consert ‘REDMARE’ in USA”. On this day, the Red Velvet members showed off their distinct charms as one of the top K-Pop girl groups.

It’s hard to say which member shined the most since they all looked beautiful as usual, but Wendy drew the fans’ particular attention.

Wendy showed up in a huge white ribbon and a heart shaped outfit that made her look like either a cute doll or a big box of chocolates. What complimented her look even further was her short hairstyle.

It’s not easy for anyone to pull off such a vibrant outfit, but Wendy flaunted it effortlessly with her natural beauty and charismatic presence.

Here are a few more photos to appreciate her beauty that complimented the ‘Valentine’s Day’ themed look:

Source: Insight

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