Remember The Beautiful Actress Who Starred In EXO’s “Wolf” Music Video? Here’s Where She Is Now

She’s living the life many dream of!

EXO‘s “Wolf” is one of the most legendary songs in K-Pop, and its accompanying “Drama Episode” music videos matched the hype! Not only was it filled with action and suspense, there was also a healthy dose of romance and a heartwarming display of friendship.

EXO | SM Entertainment

The story followed former member Luhan as he enrolled in a new school and met new people, including his fellow members…

…and a beautiful female classmate.

He and the classmate became fast friends, experiencing several ups and downs together.

But who exactly is she? IRL, the actress’s name is Yoon So Hee. The “Wolf” music videos may have been released nearly a decade ago, but she is still active in the industry!

| Han Cinema

Born in 1993, Yoon So Hee has since starred in several K-Dramas, including One More Time (2016)

…The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017)

The Spies Who Loved Me (2020)

…and most recently, Ghost Doctor (2022), among many others. The German-born actress has also starred in two movies: Salut D’Amour (2015) and Life Risking Romance (2016).

Moreover, as an engineering major at KAIST, a prestigious university in Korea, she is also intelligent. She’s the very definition of beauty and brains!

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Whether Yoon So Hee is playing an antagonist or a protagonist in a lighthearted or suspenseful show, she can do it all. She has the ability to charm viewers with her stunning visuals and great acting skills.

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But given her fantastic performance in EXO’s “Wolf,” her impressive acting abilities don’t come as a surprise. With her success in both studies and acting, she’s living the ideal life that many people dream of!

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Meanwhile, take a trip down memory lane by watching the “Wolf” Drama Episode below.