Remember When BTS’s Jimin Was First Revealed To Us 7 Years Ago?

Look where he is now.

On January 12, 2013, BTS‘s Jimin was first revealed to the world. Fast forward 7 years, ARMYs in 2020 are celebrating the day for having been a complete blessing!


The tweet from 2013, introducing Jimin as simply put as “a new member”…

The new member is on the blog, haha. It’s a dancer this time.

— @BTS_twt


… shared Jimin’s dance practice video — in which the fetus-Jimin is poppin’ and grooving away.


The video, now with over 2M views, is making loyal ARMYs reminisce. Some have dug up Jimin’s very first tweet that came weeks after the reveal:

Hello~ This is Jimin. I was finally revealed on Twitter~! I’m 19 years old now and I love to dance! Please welcome me!

— 2013 Jimin


This massive throwback is now trending #지민아내인생에나타나줘서고마워 (Jimin, thanks for coming into my life) on Twitter…


… as more ARMYs come together in the celebration of 7 years with Jimin!


The anniversary is leaving ARMYs emotional over how far Jimin has come…


… and how far BTS as a whole have come too!

Source: THEQOO