Remember That Time Heechul Said He Liked Momo On Television And No One Even Blinked

“Momo. I like you.”

TWICE were the guests on the very first episode of Pot Stand, aired in 2017. The focus of the clip circulating around the Internet is Jeongyeon demonstrating an electric wine opener before Heechul goes on to role-play a boyfriend opening a bottle for his girlfriend.

Source: Stanley Zhang/YouTube

The role-play began after Sana mentioned wanting any future boyfriend to open it by hand.

Source: Stanley Zhang/YouTube

While role-playing, Heechul said, “Momo. I like you.

Although Momo and Heechul only recently began dating, as confirmed by their agencies, it seems like Heechul may have actually liked her for much longer than anyone knew!

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship