Remember That One Time Park Bo Gum Lied Right To BTS V’s Face?

V completely believed Park Bo Gum.

Park Bo Gum and BTS’s V are pretty well known to be besties!

They’ve posted numerous photos together…

…Showed incredible chemistry as co-hosts for an episode of Music Bank…

…And even went on a trip to Jeju Island just the two of them!

No one can deny their close friendship!

But here’s one time Park Bo Gum straight up lied to V. Park Bo Gum once told V that BTS didn’t win the week’s music trophy.

(Spoiler: Look at Park Bo Gum’s mischievous smile!)

When in fact, they did! Park Bo Gum succeeded in completely tricking him!

Both of them have smiles on from ear to ear as Park Bo Gum gives and V receives the award.

Park Bo Gum later gives V a hug and sincerely congratulates him.

Please keep your adorable friendship going forever and ever, boys!


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