Remember That Time TWICE’s Momo Learned A 20 Year Secret That Shook Her Groupmates To Their Core

Momo was so shocked to learn this about herself.

Three years ago, TWICE‘s Momo learned a 20-year secret…

While all the members of TWICE knew what their blood type was, Momo wasn’t sure. The girls were split between whether Momo was type A or O blood. The team that successfully guessed Momo’s blood type would be able to control the other members. (Meanwhile, Dahyun held out hope that Momo was type AB, like her.)

As the group’s leader, it was Jihyo‘s responsibility to read the paperwork to find out Momo’s blood type.

Nayeon was a little worried, but she was certain Momo’s blood type would be type O.

After unbearable anticipation, Momo’s blood type was revealed to be…

Type A!

Even Momo was shocked by the news. She revealed even her mom thought she was type O!

Watch the whole video below to see Momo’s adorable reaction to learning her 20 year secret below: