Renjun’s Art Is So Beautiful That Fans Are Calling Him The Next Monet

It’s pretty breathtaking.

As a special gift to NCTZens, NCT Dream’s Renjun shared his art process from start to finish. Fans enjoyed the thoughtful video and were amazed with his skill.


The initial reveal of art he’d drawn previously was a big hit.

One fan was so awed that they joked Renjun’s art was better than extraordinaire Monet’s.

The explanation he gave for the painting made it all the more beautiful to fans: no matter how dark it became at night, he would always find his way home to his grandma’s house because of the stars. Fans were deeply touched.

Delving deeper, Renjun explained that he wanted people to feel comforted by his painting “The Big Dipper” just like he had and even shared it specifically so that fans could save it for their wallpaper.

For someone so young, Renjun definitely has talent and knows how to make meaningful art. Hopefully he’ll share more in the future.


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