Reporters Reveal What Interviewing BTS Is Really Like

Reporters Chung Hyeong and Kim Hyeong were interviewed in a YouTube video about what working with BTS is like, and their answers provide some unique insight into the true character of the group.

YouTube channel Korean Guys interviewed Korean entertainment reporters Chung Hyeong and Kim Hyeong, who revealed what it was like to interview BTS as compared to other idols, and other juicy details about their personalities and popularity.

Chung Hyeong first revealed that she has had the opportunity to interview BTS three times: once before they became internationally popular, once after they became internationally popular, and quite recently at their concert.

During one of her interviews with them, Rap Monster expressed that he hoped for the group to become popular enough to be able to do a stadium tour in America. If that opportunity came, he’d like to invite several reporters who continuously watched them grow from when they were rookie idols.

Rap Monster was highly praised by both reporters for his respectful treatment of reporters.

She also called BTS a “group that makes you feel happier than you were after you interviewed them”, and cited one specific habit the members have while being interviewed. According to Chung Hyeong, all of the members (especially Rap Monster and Suga) constantly bring up music during their interviews, which doesn’t normally happen when she interviews other idols.

Chung Hyeong explained that this was mainly because idols are more like a “final artwork” that encompasses various talents and gifts, such as good looks, dancing, singing, and sometimes acting; therefore, talking only about music is difficult because there are simply too many areas to discuss. She also expressed that BTS’s tendency to produce their own songs may be a contributing factor to their love of talking about music over anything else.

Reporters revealed that Suga and Rap Monster love talking about music over anything else during interviews.

Kim Hyeong also commended BTS’s preparedness in answering questions about controversial issues. He cited a specific example from when they held a press conference to address several controversies regarding the lyrics of “Not Today”. In preparation, Rap Monster organized a thick booklet of resources for answering such questions promptly and well.

Chung Hyeong and Kim Hyeong both praised BTS’s treatment of all reporters as partners who would help them, instead of as threats to their reputation. BTS’s dedication to respecting reporters is especially admirable when it comes to answering interview questions that are difficult to answer or deal with controversial issues.

Finally, the two reporters provided some insight into what other reporters think of BTS. The admitted that many of their reporter friends express how they love BTS’s genuinely kind personalities. Despite BTS’s incredibly powerful and unique performances, the reporters’ choice to point out their kindness over their stages speaks volumes about their true nature—the boys of BTS are still down-to-Earth and pure despite their international fame and fortune.

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