The Resale Price of G-Dragon’s Limited Edition Shoe Costs More Than a Brand New Car

*rubs eyes*

G-Dragon‘s limited edition sneakers recently came up on a sneaker resale shop called XXBLUE, and the painfully high price of it is stirring overwhelming attention online.

G-Dragon’s Air Force 1 Low Peaceminusone Para-Noise is now reselling for 25 million won (~$21,000 USD) on the resale site.

It’s the version with a yellow Nike logo, and it’s a limited edition version that was only given out to close friends of G-Dragon.

G-Dragon’s limited edition shoes were released last November, and they were originally sold at the price, 219,000 won (~$180 USD).

But the sneakers gained so much love from fans that the price multiplied by up to 15 times, selling for 2 to 5 million won (~$1700 -$4200 USD) and a signed version even sold for 13 million won (~$11,000 USD).

And now, that price is up to 25 million won (~$21,000 USD), proving that G-Dragon’s influence on fashion trend is real.

You can literally buy a brand new car with that kind of money!

That’s GD for you.

Source: Dispatch