“Respect My Staff Members”: Red Velvet’s Yeri Defends Hairstylist From Fan Complaints

“I just wanted a bit of respect towards my staff members who worked day and night for me.”

Red Velvet‘s Yeri has recently been receiving a lot of love from K-Pop fans after defending one of her staff members from a malicious comment on Instagram. The idol gently reminded fans to be kind in the sweetest way, showing her true personality.

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Following Red Velvet’s Singapore stop for their R to V tour, the group’s maknae, Yeri, uploaded several pictures taken during and behind the scenes of the show. Dressed in the concert’s gorgeous outfits but also rocking some casual wear in other pictures, she stunned fans who had nothing but praise for the idol’s jaw-dropping visuals in the comments. However, as often happens on social media platforms, there were also some not-so-nice ones.

In particular, it was a fan’s reply to Yeri’s hairstylist that caught the attention of fans and also the Yeri’s.

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The Red Velvet star was rocking adorable pucca-style hair in the pictures she uploaded on Instagram, with the buns being styled to look like the cutest bows. Yeri even posted a picture that showed the stylist working on her hair, grateful for the hard work she put in.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

Unfortunately, one fan seemed not to like the unique style so much. They went as far as to tell Yeri’s hairstylist that the style was “so ugly.

Hairstylist: When was this picture taken? LOL cutie.

Fan: This hairstyle is so ugly.

After noticing the unkind comment, Yeri immediately jumped to the staff’s defense, making sure to remind her fans they should be careful with what they comment on social media.

I think you should be more gentle before you pass comment. Someone could be hurt. Thank you.

— Red Velvet’s Yeri

After Yeri’s reply started receiving attention, she clarified her stance on the importance of being kind, likely trying to avoid fights between her fans while asking everyone to be respectful of her staff members.

Just in case this topic gets heated, I just wanted a bit of respect towards my staff members who worked day and night for me. I wish everyone the best, and I hope we can all find peace and love towards each other! I love y’all!

— Red Velvet’s Yeri

The Red Velvet star even took to Bubble to address the issue once again and to make sure the fans won’t fight with each other over the incident. Yeri shared that she deleted her comment for that purpose and reminded fans for the third time to “wish each other the best.

I deleted my earlier comment [because] I didn’t want you guys to get in a brawl [with] each other. Let’s all wish each other the best!

— Red Velvet’s Yeri

Yeri’s incredible way of handling this situation stunned K-Pop fans, who praised the idol on social media for not only defending her staff but doing so in the kindest way possible. Following her example, ReVeluvs asked their fellow fans to never “harass” the group’s staff members again, as together with the girls, they also work hard at doing their jobs.

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