“The Return Of Superman” Once Firmly Responded To Netizens Who Wanted A Single Mom Off The Show

They want her removed because she’s a single, unwed mother.

KBS 2TV responded to the backlash they received for casting single mom, Fujita Sayuri (commonly known as Sayuri).

Television personality, Sayuri | @sayuriakon13/Instagram

KBS 2TV’s The Return of Superman previously announced that they had added television personality, Sayuri as the newest parent to the show’s lineup. Sayuri made headlines for having a child using a sperm donor, making her the first entertainer in the Korean industry to do so. The television personality shared that she had always wanted to be a mother, but due to her singleness and age, she felt the pressure of society’s clock. This resulted in her decision to use a sperm donor, and Sayuri welcomed a healthy baby boy.

| @sayuriakon13/Instagram

The popular Japanese television personality had been updating her fans on her newfound motherhood through her Instagram page, which caught the eyes of The Return of Superman producers. While her fans had been anticipating her participation in the show, some netizens were opposed to her casting decision. Many expressed their concerns in having a single and unmarried mother on the show.

The backlash of Sayuri’s casting decision made itself all the way to the Blue House, where a petition was created to stop the airing of the show with her appearance.

| Blue House

The creator of the petition explained further why they personally believe that Sayuri should be removed from the show.

Currently, Korea is struggling with a low birth rate, which is a problem on its own. In addition to that, people aren’t getting married as before. Economically, it’s been tough on the youth since the unemployment rate has been enormous. In times like this, public broadcasting systems should be encouraging the correct family views, marriage and normal childbirth.

— Blue House petition for Sayuri’s removal

| @sayuriakon13/Instagram

In light of the backlash, KBS 2TV responded to the requests of Sayuri’s casting cancellation. A representative explained that they would be keeping Sayuri in the show’s lineup and why they believe it’s important to do so.

The claims stating that The Return of Superman encourages unmarried relationships due to Sayuri’s recent casting decision are excessive. Our times are changing and there are different types of families among us. Sayuri’s situation and her family is one of them. We want our audience to observe this type of family through this casting decision. We are not encouraging unmarried relationships or pregnancies.

While we may think more deeply about our stance, we will not be cancelling Sayuri’s upcoming appearance on our show.

— KBS 2TV representative

| @sayuriakon13/Instagram

The producers of The Return of Superman previously shared the meaning behind their show’s title, stating that “the ‘Superman’ in our title refers to the first hero a child meets after their birth.” Sayuri may be a single mother, but she is also a “superman” for her son, Zen. Sayuri and Zen are still currently part of the show’s cast.

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