“Return Of Superman” Jun Woo Shocks With His Growth — He Will Become A Legal Adult In 2022

Time flies!

Does anyone remember the very first season of Return of Superman? Back in 2013, KBS launched the show with the family of actor Jang Hyun Seong. Who knew that the show would grow to become so famous later on?

Jang Hyun Seong had two sons, Jun Woo and Jun Seo. Jun Woo in particular, received much love for his adorable looks as a child.

He had fair and soft skin and huge eyes.

With his gentle and polite personality, viewers came to adore him!

However, fans of the show soon came to realize in 2021 that their precious Jun Woo was soon to become a legal adult in South Korea. In Korea, one becomes an adult at the age of 19. Given that Jun Woo was born in 2003, he’s currently 18 years old in South Korea as of 2021. Once the clock strikes midnight and it becomes 2022, he will officially become an adult!

Although there has not been updates of Jun Woo in 2021, back in 2020, fans caught a glimpse of him after a long 7 years off broadcast. As Jun Woo is a regular kid, after his family left Return of Superman in 2014, Jun Woo went incognito and returned to his regular life and studies. Needless to say, many were shocked to see his growth after a whopping 7 years. Here’s how he looked like on The House Detox back in late 2020.

He’s almost as tall as his father now! We can see that his younger brother, Jun Seo, has grown too.

When the topic was rehashed in 2021, everyone realized that time had flown by.

  • “Dear god… Time flies”
  • “Wow I can’t believe it.”
  • “Lies…”
  • “Wow but he really grew up the same. How handsome.”
  • “What??”
  • “Oh my..”

You can catch his appearance on The Home Detox below!

Source: theqoo