“The Return of Superman” Lee Dong Gook Under Massive Fire After His Daughters “Criticize” Their Looks On YouTube

“Who is editing these videos? WHY?”

The South Korean soccer player Lee Dong Gook and his five adorable children gained a lot of popularity when they appeared on the hit TV show The Return of Superman between 2015 to 2019.

After withdrawing from the show, Lee Dong Gook’s family continued to update sneak peeks into their daily lives through their official YouTube channel DAEBAK Family. With over 85K subscribers, the channel became a platform where the children kept in touch with their “fans” online.

Unfortunately, in their latest, since-deleted video, the younger twins Lee Seora and Lee Sua were filmed “criticizing” their own appearances — and the internet is simply baffled by the comments made in the video. The video captured the girls saying things like, “I must endure the pain if I want to be pretty”…

Lee Seora

… or “I’ve gained a lot of weight recently… so I need to start wearing make-up”…

Lee Sua

… and even, “I used to be so pretty back then, so why am I so ugly now?” and more. After watching the “self-shaming” that went on in the video, Korean netizens commented that while it is natural for girls of Seola and Sua’s pre-teen age to start developing an interest in beauty — it is never okay to watch them call themselves fat and ugly, film that, and put it on the internet.

Lee Seora

When criticism grew, the video got removed from the channel. Netizens, however, continue to share thoughts on how thoughtless it had been for Lee Dong Gook’s family to shoot and share such a video, rather than seeing the problem in the content and talking to the girls about it.

Netizens also pointed out that the video editor, whether that be the parents or a separate team, should have recognized the seriousness of the content and stopped it from going live.

Lee Dong Gook is yet to respond to the controversy.

Source: THEQOO