“The Return of Superman” Producers Claim The Episodes Are Not Staged, In Light Of Recent Criticism

The production team clarified what the script-like document was.

On February 27, 2020, the popular TV program The Return of Superman went under fire for being “heavily scripted” and staging the scenes from the Hammington family, between the kids William and Bentley Hammington.

When the online debate continued to grow, the TV show producers stepped forward to clarify — via a Korean press News1 — that the program in fact “does not have scripts for the kids”. The producers revealed, “Considering how the show goes, we shoot and then organize the content we get on camera into a script-like document on the spot, on set.”

According to the team, the “script”, which netizens believed to have got “leaked” in the Hammingtons’ teaser, is exactly that: A preview of what the producers filmed, organized in a script-like format.

With the producers explaining that it had all been a misunderstanding, the debate seems to be settling down. Now, the loyal fans of the program are coming to defend the Hammingtons and asking that the internet stops hating on the family, especially the children.

I’ve read all the maddening social media comments, like ‘I knew this was staged’ and ‘This show was obviously scripted’ and even ‘The kids should debut as actors’ and what not. But really, did any of that make sense, in all seriousness? I doubt the kids would have been able to memorize their lines. And I doubt Sam, the father, would have let the writers / producers force his children to be doing or saying certain things. Everyone can have opinions… but come on. The show must go on every week and they need content to work with, so it only makes sense the producers come up with certain situations to keep things interesting. But I’m absolutely sure that William and Bentley have been entirely themselves. And it really crosses the line to criticize the children. I’ve been the Hammingtons’ fan since the beginning and this incident broke my heart.

— YouTube ID Jung

Even if there is a rough script, the children’s pure and angelic reactions cannot be staged. I mean, none of you had a problem with watching the show until now. Why call the children fake now? I doubt the children are reading the comments but please stop hurting them regardless. How scary this world has come to be, man…

— YouTube ID Esekguiyomi

If you’ve seen the family’s IG, then you know. Bentley will never say what he doesn’t want to say. His mom asks him to say thank you a dozen times, but he doesn’t listen. I never believed for a second that there is a script and that the children are being forced to say what’s on the script, LMAO. Yes, the show most likely has a big outline of what should happen in a day. That’s a given for any television though. I think this ‘controversy’ has been the stupidest one to have happened by far.

— YouTube ID Lee Seung Woo

Source: Insight