Irene’s Outfit Was Inspired By This Character From “Hotel Del Luna”

This character’s clothes are peak fashion, tbh.

Irene was dressed stylishly, pairing a classic white blouse with a bold yellow beret and skirt, during a September 1 (KST) Red Velvet fan sign event. Her outfit caught the eyes of ReVeluvs who couldn’t help but draw comparisons to IU‘s character from Hotel Del Luna.

It’s easy to understand how fans made a connection between the two. Beyond their keen fashion sense, they also share similar hairstyles and confident body language.

IU’s character, Jang Manwol, is a beautiful woman who has been cursed. She has managed the hotel, whose clients are all ghosts, for over 1,000 years. The character is noted for her sense of style, with fashion choices ranging from past to present.

What do you think? Do you also think the outfit Irene wore to the fan sign event was inspired by Jang Manwol?

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