A Risky Dance Move Was Cut From BTS’s “MIC Drop” Choreography

The “MIC Drop” dance break used to be a little more dangerous.

Each new BTS choreography takes their dancing to the next level. Some dance moves, however, don’t make it into the final choreographies.

In 2017, BTS released “MIC Drop”, a hip hop B-side matched with an energetic, hip hop dance. BTS has performed the dance break version of their choreography many times at concerts and award shows.

In BTS’s 2019 dance practice video for “MIC Drop”, the break at 3:29 begins like this. The original version features one notable difference.

J-Hope originally swept the floor with a kick. The rest of the members performed perfectly timed jumps over his leg.

Why was the dance changed? To prevent injuries, possibly. If anyone had jumped at the wrong time, J-Hope’s leg could have been crushed.

Although it would have been incredible to see the kick-version on stage, safety must always come first!