“Rockstar Jungkook” Trends Worldwide As Fans Imagine BTS’s Maknae In A Rock Band

Please cover more rock songs, Jungkook!

Not long after it was revealed that BTS were the singers behind a popular Indonesian Coca Cola commercial, ARMYS got to work on the trends for the social media king, Jungkook.

The song is a cover of the iconic modern rock song “Jungle” by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons. With its heavy beats and dark rocker vibes, it’s no surprise fans went crazy when they found out it was BTS.

This surprise rock cover from the band brought back the rockstar edits that have been around for years, as many would love for them to do a full rock concept. In particular, Jungkook has been highlighted by these edits.

They have also been recalling real moments where BTS were rockstars, no editing needed.

Fans loved it so much that the phrase “rockstar Jungkook” trended worldwide.

| @JungkookCharts2/Twitter